Carte blanche Laure Fischer : Gaspard Beck + Patrick Charbonnier + Franz Hautzinger

The evening given to Laure Fischer as part of her annual residency at Le Périscope is devoted to the creation of a new quartet. Franz Hautzinger, trumpet player of the Viennese scene and Patrick Charbonnier, trombonist and creator of the festival Pépètes Lumière, join the Mulhousian duo Gaspard Beck & Laure Fischer.

tuesday 07 june 202221h00
Le Péri

Laure Fischer

Laure Fischer is a musician student at the CFEDEM in Lyon and is part of a trio with Jeanne Barbieri and Yuko Oshima: their creation « SPIER » was released at the Jazzdor-Strasbourg 2021 festival.She is preparing two new repertoires, a solo program for saxophone and effects, and a duo program for saxophone/drums with the drummer Gaspard […]

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Gaspard Beck

Born in 1998 in Mulhouse, France. Gaspard Beck studied classical percussion in Mulhouse then in Strasbourg. He was introduced to improvised music at a very early age and developed this practice in opposition to what he learned in an academic way. Developing a reflection on his playing, he pursues his research by playing exclusively improvised […]

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Franz Hautzinger

Franz Hautzinger‘s career is more like a star: he has already participated in the creations of the Berliner Ensemble Zeitkratzer and the Klangforum Wien and has moved away from jazz to experiment with his trumpet, his solo and many. Then he turned to improvised music and experimentation, and if his trumpet playing is one of […]

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Patrick Charbonnier

Patrick Charbonnier performs in four collectives and has developed his own creative structure, pépète lumière. Nourished by his multiple collective adventures (Association à la Recherche d’un Folklore Imaginaire, Charles Obscure collective, Cie Musicabrass), he is accomplished at the confines of free jazz, heavy rock, improvised music and traditional music.

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