Camilla Sparksss

Radio Dio en terrasse

Hot inside and cold outside. The electro/pop/noise that Camilla Sparksss proposes on stage are a physical experience where the machines want to take over and the breaks in rhythm are tasty. Imagine Beat it by Michael Jackson in slow motion, distorted and sung by a shark: that’s who Camilla Sparksss is !

friday 08 july 202221h00
Le Péri/Grande Scène
10 €

Camilla Sparksss

Barbara Lehnhoff, known artistically as Camilla Sparksss, is a Swiss-born electro punk musician and visual artist. She was born in -30 degrees in Kenora, Ontario, a small town on the Great Lakes of Canada. Yes, she had a pet and yes, her father flew a seaplane. Camilla Sparksss is best known for her captivating live […]

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