Sarah Terral + Catalina Matorral

∏Node en terrasse

At the border of pop or at the edge of electro, this first evening of Radio Terrasse invites Sarah Terral (Clément Vercelletto solo) and Catalina Matorral (Borja Flames and Marion Cousin). These two concerts will honor the French scene of the margins, the one for which the music must be a constantly renewed surprise. It’s ∏Node radio who will be the master of ceremony of this evening, with interviews, playlists and surprises to animate the terrace from 6pm !

tuesday 05 july 202221h00
Grande Scène
6 €

Sarah Terral

Under this pseudonym – or rather this double – we find the Montreuillois musician Clément Vercelletto, who we have already met in Orgue Agnès, Kaumwald, Horns, Arlt and also director. Sarah Terral is him alone, in a sequined dress and with a modular synthesizer. Music of the daybreak, music of the early morning. Sarah Terral […]

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Catalina Matorral

Catalina Matorral is a comet. Catalina Matorral is a duo; Marion Cousin and Borja Flames make up its double head and four hands. A grand, serial poem where everything is interconnected —  songs, texts, music and obsessions — in a vast, skillfully crafted cycle. It is a sound theater where androids dream of electric sheep, […]

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