The Bridge : Jayve Montgomery, Michel Molines & Edward Perraud


JayVe Montgomery, Michel Molines and Edward Perraud will form a trio created and transformed for the occasion and by the constraints of current times. Saxophonist and flutist JayVe Montgomery and drummer Edward Perraud have already crossed iron and fervour together during their first Midwest tour, in the socio-cultural greenhouses of the visual artist Theaster Gates, in November 2018. They are joined by the French double bassist Michel Molines, because if improvisation is an art of high acrobatics, sometimes even weightlessness, these three are decidedly cultivators of vertigo. Even during the curfew, keep your ears open.


JayVe Montgomery : saxophones, flûtes, percussions
Michel Molines : contrebasse
Edward Perraud : batterie