Le groupe avant le concert devant le mur du Hangar 23

It is with real jubilation that Papanosh takes us to the imaginary lands of Mingus. For it is indeed in this sense that it happens, each of the arrangements remind us of it, starting with “Peggy’s Blue Skylight/Cancion Mixteca” where the tumultuous elegance of Nathanson’s viola dodges for a Mexican bluette that reminds us of Wenders’ Paris, Texas before leaving again in style. Similarly, on “Gibril The Clown”, the orchestra combines the “Gibril Circus” from its first album with Mingus’ “The Clown”. The result is astonishing and extremely refined. Roy Nathanson’s spoken word adds a touch of poetry to a visit that is neither nostalgic nor museum-like. The understanding between the two saxophonists is joyful, powerful, bathed in a mixture of respect and insolence that precisely defines the Vibrant Clearingers, that the verb and the poetry have always transcended.

Quentin Ghomari (Trompette)
Raphaël Quenehen (Saxophone)
Seb Palis (Claviers)
Thibault Cellier (Contrebasse)
Jérémie Piazza (Batterie)
Roy Nathanson
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