France, Lyon

Album release !

Hirsute is a microcosm, an interior musical journey, which testifies to the adventures of a troubled daily life while keeping its feet in the stars. A world cleared by new musical paths, acoustic, unpublished to reveal the jolts.
Each composition is a little story in which we can take refuge to do what we want. No need to worry about what it means, it’s just a little cry for freedom.
With cinematic melodies and a work on the timbres, Hirsute has fun and confuses us. Here the solo is part of a story and is never a pretext.
The music is luminous, fierce and personal.
This evening will be the occasion to celebrate the release of Hirsute’s first album, Miniatures du dedans.
Release date: May 13, 2022.

Past related
Tarel / Lonergan Quartet 17.09.2021

Anne Quillier (piano) 

Damien Sabatier (baritone saxophone)

Pierre Horckmans (clarinets)

Michel Molines (double bass)

Guillaume Bertrand (drums)

Past related
Tarel / Lonergan Quartet 17.09.2021