Joanna Duda

Joanna Duda’s music is broadly understood experimental with elements of improvisation, jazz and IDM. Joanna Duda Trio was formed at the end of 2017 as part of the work on my solo album KEEN. Originally, I assumed that I would be playing solo material with the band, but I soon realized that with the external human element I wanted to create something else. As a result, we created an acoustic sound in which rhythm dominates and electronics is the fourth equal-rights person in the band.

The compositions were created gradually over the years. The first one is PVSM, which riff I came up with during a soundcheck in 2016. The newest one is Grasshopper which I wrote during my residency in Vaanta, Finland at the end of 2019. The assumption of the work of this team is mindfulness and deliberetly slow/stressless, so we entered the studio to record FUMITSUKE in December 2020. In one and a half day, we recorded the material – over an hour of music. All songs except The Mark are my compositions.


Joanna Duda (piano)

Maksymilian Mucha (double bass/fx)

Michal Bryndal (drums)