Graham Dunning

Royaume-Uni, Londres

Graham Dunning is self-taught as an artist and musician, having studied neither academic discipline. His live work explores sound in the form of texture, timbre and tactile sensations, drawing inspiration from his production studio (his bedroom), DIY and the recycling of found objects. He also creates visual works, videos and installations based on these themes. Much of his work evolves through experimentation with different processes: considering the methods by which sounds become music; the process as a continuum encompassing both improvisational and procedural methods; and testing similar processes in different media. Graham has performed solo and in ensembles in the UK, Europe and Canada, and has exhibited in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and the USA. He teaches experimental sound art at the Mary Ward Centre in London and also gives various independent workshops. He has published through Entr’acte, Seagrave, Tombed Visions and more.

Graham Dunning (électronique)