Delphine Dora


Musical instinct

Delphine Dora is a musician, composer and improviser from France. A self-taught pianist and vocalist, her semi-spontaneous music has been enriched with new sounds over the years, including an interest in church organ work, the modular synthesizer and field recordings. The voice is also one of his privileged instruments (setting in voice and music of texts and poems, ancestral sketches sung in an imaginary language, vocal work in relation to space, etc…).

Her iconoclastic music can be read as a personal mapping work, based on an intuitive approach to composition and nourished by many approaches. For the past ten years, she has been developing an intimate and plural musical universe, in perpetual metamorphosis, situated at the crossroads of different musical genres (folk music, minimalist music, improvised music, electro-acoustic music…) and languages (English, French, German, imaginary languages…). Prolific musician, she has participated to about thirty records (solo and collaboration) in various aesthetics on many French and foreign labels.


Delphine Dora (piano/voix)