Must Watch | Verneri Pohjola played from home in his living-room for Jazz Connective.

Mika Kallio, Verneri Pohjola © Maarit Kytöharju

From 5 to 13 December 2020, the Periscope organised a week-long meeting of 7 European cities. Involved in the Jazz Connective project for 2 years, the Périscope hosted, in December 2020, the last stage of this cooperation project between artists, actors and audiences from the jazz and improvised music scenes. Each evening, artists from one city met and performed in a recorded or live streamed performance.

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Animal Image : Verneri Pohjola and Mika Kallio

The trumpeter Verneri Pohjola and the drummer Mika Kallio have gained wider recognition in Europe through intensive touring and with the release of the album “Animal Image” (Edition Records) in 2018. The Finnish duo performed its first concerts in France in May 2019 on a tour organized by Vapaat äänet, at the Europa Jazz festival in Le Mans, the Jazzdor Season in Strasbourg and the Finnish Institute in Paris.

Animal Image (2017) is an experimental film project by Perttu Saksa. In Saksa’s 30-minute documentary the music is a wordless language between man and animal, an instinctive stream of sound weaving a web around the visual images. The film portrays the nature writer and photographer Heikki Willamo as he embarks on his journey towards attempting to capture the essence of an animal in an image. The images come alive with improvised music performed by Verneri Pohjola and Mika Kallio. The Animal Image album, full of Pohjola’s and Kallio’s captivating music, came out on the British label Edition Records in February 2018.