The Bridge #2.9

The Bridge was born from the idea of Alexandre Pierrepont, researcher and academic, to maintain a connection between musicians and facilitate the passage from one continent to another. Many collaborations between France and Chicago followed for unique tours and meetings. The opportunity for the artists to discover each other and to take the time: the time to play, to exchange, to meet and to improvise.

On Tuesday 24 January 2023 we will welcome The Bridge #2.9, an ensemble composed of : Ugochi Nwaogwugwu (vocals), Sakina Abdou (saxophones, recorder), Julien Pontvianne (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Julien Chamla (drums, percussion) and Coco Elysses (percussion, diddley bow, voice).

tuesday 24 january 202321h00
Le Péri
8/10 €

The Bridge #2.9

The Brigde #2.9 have chosen to form a mirror group with two « doubles »: percussion/saxophone, and in the centre, a voice, the song. These five creators have one thing in common: they are experienced in collective exploration. In France, Sakina Abdou, Julien Chamla and Julien Pontvianne are respectively members of the Muzzix, Coax and Onze Heures […]

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