France Sauvage + Or Or

A genial laboratory group that throws all kinds of concrete, indus, noise, punk, free jazz and film music into a jubilant bric-a-brac, and in live performance, frankly enjoyable. Bubbling with ideas, instinctive, vertiginous, crazy and hallucinogenic live, a France Sauvage concert will never resemble another France Sauvage concert.

If the general spirit remains the same, the musical direction/intention can swing to any side at any time. All sources are exploited and sometimes barely touched upon. There is no precise method, there is a “playing together” that becomes aware of itself in the course of the experience. A total delight to be savoured only once, each concert being different. Whoever has seen France Sauvage once has only seen France Sauvage once.

  • Johann Mazé (percussion, machines, voice), Arno Bruil (machines, voice, percussion), Manuel Duval (voice, percussion, machines)

A co-panel that will be lively and shared with Or Or and his solo pop project with antennas. Organic computer music, lianas and bamboos entangled on the wood of the Périscope dancefloor.

  • Aurore Debret (composition / mixing)
thursday 01 june 202321h00
Le Péri
8/10 €

France Sauvage

For more than fifteen years, France Sauvage has never ceased to assert an unusual, frank and underground approach. Here, there is no repertoire, the performance is constructed in situ. A raw energy, a permanent tension characterises the trio’s approach. The instrumentation, now entirely electronic, varies according to the performances. This is a project whose foundations […]

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Or Or

Aurore LCZ’s solo pop project (also part of Dragon du Poitou), or or attempts an organic computer music, an electrostatic and technoid spell.

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