Stéphane Clor Solo + Romain de Ferron

Both attracted and inspired by repetition and sound explorations, Stéphane Clor and Romain de Ferron will alternately exhibit their works and hypnotic musical experiments at Le Périscope.

tuesday 26 october 202121h00
Grande Scène

Stéphane Clor

It was during his first move abroad that Stéphane Clor‘s solo project was born. Isolated by distance, strangers and language, Stéphane found a new voice echoing this solitude. A double bassist and cellist, Stéphane Clor has always sought the most transparent sounds, as if to extract « their fat carcasses from the rocky crevices into the […]

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Romain de Ferron

Active member of numerous formations with enthusiastic casts (from Balladur to Vinci via Omertà and Sacré Numéro, he shares the action with Amédée de Murcia, Florence Giroud, Jérémie Sauvage, Mathieu Tilly, Pierre Bujeau, Romain Hervault or Ernest Bergez, colleagues escaped from Somaticae, France or Tanz Mein Herz) Romain de Ferron is a French multi-instrumentalist musician […]

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