Soli Augmentés

In his solo for augmented multi-trumpet entitled Unique Horns (pun around “unicorn”, the unicorn in English), Louis Laurain uses the trumpet as a simple resonator, in order to make one hear what is going on inside it, possibly modulated thanks to the pistons.

“Like a normal trumpet except that you replace the air with sound. A sort of anatomy of the instrument based on played or pre-recorded trumpet noises, lots of feedback, breath, white noise, vibrating brass, pure waves and sometimes some bug noises muffled in mutes. “

Sound artist, bassist and electroacoustic composer,Floy Krouchi for her part is inspired in Bass Hologrames by Indian music and the Rudra Veena (a traditional Hindustani instrument) to probe the potential of the electronically augmented hybrid bass she has designed: the FKBass. Throughout this true “electronic raga”, she offers us a contemplative experience, on the borders of ambient, noise and electroacoustic music.

friday 18 june 202120h00
Grande Salle