Sélène Saint-Aimé

Mystical lyricism

Double bass player, singer and composer of Caribbean and African origin, Sélène Saint Aimé is one of those artists who reveal a divine glow in their music. Her interest in selenography (the study of the surface and relief of the moon) is certainly a contributing factor, spicing up her music with an intimate lyricism that is quite mystical. We discover the stellar vibrations of his instrument and a voice full of stories and territories. Rendez-vous with the roots of music.

saturday 26 february 202221h00
Grande Scène
13/15 €

Sélène Saint-Aimé

Sélène is a young afro-french contrabassist, singer and composer with caribbean and west african origins. Now based in Paris, France, she studied with internationally acclaimed bassists Ron Carter and Lonnie Plaxico as well as saxophonist, conceptualist Steve Coleman. She develops her own identity traveling the world, learning about different cultures (Cuba, USA, North Africa, Spain, Italy, West Indies…). […]

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