SAN Trio

Based in three different countries – Japan, Germany and France – the SAN trio is a new group made up of three Japanese musicians who share their musicality, their sensitivity, their friendship and their roots. Bringing together pianist Satoko Fujii, vibraphonist Taiko Saito and drummer Yuko Oshima, the three combine their musical universes to create a world that is both delicate and resounding.

Each creates unique and unusual sounds from her instrument, so that the colour and texture are constantly changing, culminating in a final explosion of energy!

wednesday 15 november 202321h00
Grande Scène

SAN Trio

SAN (‘three’ in Japanese) was born of the association of three musicians of Japanese origin but from very different generations and musical cultures (pianist Sakoto Fujii, from Tokyo; marimba and vibraphone player Taiko Saito, based in Berlin; and percussionist Yuko Oshima, living in Strasbourg). Their project was to use these differences to create a common […]

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