Safia Nolin + Claire Days

Two sublime voices will grace the Périscope in an intimate atmosphere on Friday 8.
So, yes, Safia Nolin’s songs may have dark themes and colours, but that’s how she delivers an authentic work with a pop style that’s so distinctive to her. Deliberately dirty and thunderous, the sound of her guitar accompanies Safia’s clear, quiet voice. She puts into form what she finds herself in most: the imperfection of the immediate, without smoothing anything over.
Meanwhile, indie folk artist Claire Days created her latest album, À l’ombre, between the gloom of a Lyonnais garret and the nomadic glow of an album tour. It’s 6 hazy tracks in an original French, pulling the thread from experimental pop/folk to indie rock and creating complex worlds. A music of trouble created in solitude, then arranged in tandem with Ugo Del Rosso, using guitars, keyboards, pianos and small machines.

friday 24 november 202321h00
Grande Scène