Kaumwald + MTUA + Gil.Barte & Gauthier Plaetevoet

Introducing Meth.O.tapes, a young cross-disciplinary collective focusing on immersive and interactive art. Through its installations, Meth.O.tapes aims to inspire wonder and escape. Bringing to life the unexplored and the impalpable, listening to the unheard of, through works where biology and technology come together, where bodies resonate, universes mix, transform and move eternally.

For this evening we’ll be showcasing various members and close friends of the collective: the duo Kaumwald, MTUA and Gil.Barte & Gauthier Plaetevoet for an ambient and modular electronic bill with technoid emanations.
Video will be added to the mix, as Gil.Barte & Gauthier Plaetevoet present the premiere of their new A/V live show. It’s a hypnotic, immersive event that promises to get everyone’s bodies pulsing.

tuesday 31 october 202321h00
Le Péri