Rien Virgule

I'm Free

Rien Virgule : an unaligned rock object. Meditative synthesizers, horizontal drums, hieratic female vocals, strange poems and pop structures, collage experiments, contemporary, noisy and improvised music. In other words, a band apart, an experiment where experimental music caresses pop, rock and electronic music to start a hypnotic dance. Like the music of a nocturnal ball sheltered from the real world. The main protagonists are Manuel Duval, Mathias Pontevia and Anne Careil, well-known activists on France’s adventurous scene.

saturday 16 september 202319h00
Le Péri
Free entrance

Rien Virgule

Following the death of Jean-Marc, one of its members, no one could have said whether Rien Virgule would continue. Nor did the main people involved, Anne, Mathias and Manuel. What response can you give to such an ordeal? As the three of them played together again, it became clear that the same incandescent energy was […]

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