Don & Françoiz + Sathönay

In partnership with Carton

Some very special guests will be at Le Périscope on Wednesday September 20. It’s a great honor to welcome Françoiz Breut, a singer-songwriter who has blazed a trail between folk and rock in recent decades. On this new project, accompanied by musician, producer, composer and long-time artistic companion Don Nino, the two artists seem to be seizing on Françoiz Breut’s ghostly, inhabited universe to revive the soul of hit singles from the past. A daring blend of rock, chanson, pop, punk and experimental music that can only bring us closer to the world of Carton Records, which on this occasion invites Sathönay, local stars from elsewhere whose heart beats with all its strength in the Middle East, and whose feet pound the pavement in a rock trance that shatters borders.

wednesday 20 september 202321h00
Le Péri

Don & Françoiz

Françoiz Breut & Nicolas Laureau – aka Don Nino – have known each other for some time now, but the sound wizard and his beloved witch had never co-produced an album together. An all-English album, an occult record? Soon to be cult! Ten tracks chosen and sung in the language of Shakespearean tragedy by Françoiz […]

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Sathönay is a project by Nico Poisson, a member of NED, Totale Eclipse… and founder of S.K Records. Recently released in a trio version, this project is turned towards oriental music through the use of the electric saz (a large lute of Turkish origin, to cut a long story short). The oriental flavour is all […]

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