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Between bewitching dances and end-of-the-world ballads, the music of l’Étrangleuse gives pride of place to the twists and turns of the jeli n’goni (Malian lute), while the harp borrows saturations and breaks from the electric guitar.
A “rough folk” will be served to you on the stage of the Périscope on Thursday February 16!

thursday 16 february 202319h00
Le Péri


For the last ten years, Mélanie Virot and Maël Salètes have combined the pedal harp and the elec-tric guitar to create the music of L’Étrangleuse, drawing inspiration from the traditional music of a country that doesn’t exist. Tirelessly trapping the magic of almost nothing with two instruments that per se seem to have no-thing in […]

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