Les Petites Bêtises – Le Club des Chats – 2nd Session

From 3 years old

Cinema-concert taking place as part of the Les Toiles des Mômes festival carried by the GRAC

What fun to make mischief! Three rabbits jump in puddles, ducks prevent a cat from enjoying the beach, a sloth lets his ice cream melt, and a squirrel sleds down the hills…All might be in a nice mess!”

Films in the program
Cat Lake City by Antje Heyn (2019)
Booo by Alicja Björk Jaworski (2009)
The Sledge by Olesya Shchukina (2016)
La Loi du plus fort by Pascale Hecquet (2014)
Sloth by Julia Ocker (2018)

This performance will take place twice on the date indicated for the concert, one at 11:00 am , the other at 4:30 pm.

friday 05 november 202116h30
Grande Scène
6-8 €

Le Club des Chats

Le club des chats is a pop and punk duo, composed of Maïa Roger and Chevalier de Rinchy. They joyfully interpret dynamic ritornellos in a language close to the onomatopoeia and accompany the small mischief of prankster animals.

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