La Tène

In partnership with Le Marché Gare

La Tène is a seven-headed animal from which emanates a single energy. If we hear here the resonance of traditional music, saturated repetition, ethereal harmonics or an imagined dance… it is because they coexist in La Tène’s music as a single frame torn from its roots.

On February 24th, La Tène, a big sound insect with a dull psychedelia, buzzing and rebellious, elastic and granular, will play on the big stage of Le Périscope!

friday 24 february 202321h00
Grande Scène
10/12 €

La Tène

The Franco-Swiss group produces a music where each influence, however deep, is cut into motifs that have become themes, it is not a question of breaking the models but of making them exist, cut into the rock like so many fragments to be reconstructed. There is no starting or finishing line, no usual couplets, these […]

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