François Corneloup R E V O L U T ! O N

François Corneloup will do us the honor of presenting his new work “R E V O L U T ! O N” accompanied by his band at the Périscope. A work which wants to be the synthesis of the great movements having marked and still marking the improvised musics today.

François Corneloup : Baryton Saxophone

Simon Girard : Trombone

Sophia Domancich : Piano, Fender Rhodes

Joachim Florent : Electric bass

Vincent Tortiller : Drums

thursday 30 september 202121h00
Grande Scène
12 - 14 €

François Corneloup R E V O ! U T I O N

A « R E V O L U T ! O N  » is at the same time the cycle that resumes according to its logic but also a sudden upheaval. It is this paradox that the project intends to convert musically into creative energy. In this project, It is to experience the history and maturity […]

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