Essor et Chute (de notre Civilisation)

Release Party

This quintet is Romain Baret’s new project. The show is the soundtrack to L’Essor et Chute (de notre Civilisation), a genre-bending blend of modern jazz and rock. It sets to music a (fictional) film retracing human history from the rural exodus that marked the departure from the fields and the birth of capitalism as we know it. The music follows the various industrializations, wars, crises… up to the various sudden drops in biodiversity, hydrocarbon reserves and demographics, and the one-way trip into the unknown.

After releasing three albums with his other projects (Split Moments in 2014, Naissance de l’horizon in 2018 and Sélection d’épices in 2020) all to critical acclaim, Romain Baret released the 1ᵉʳ album of Essor et Chute in October 2023: make way for the celebration of this work on Wednesday, January 17 at Le Périscope!

wednesday 17 january 202421h00
Grande Scène

Romain Baret : Rise & Fall

Romain Baret’s new band, Essor et Chute (of our civilization) retraces the history from the rural exodus, which is the moment when humanity starts to leave the fields by setting up capitalism as we know it, to today, through the different industrializations, wars, crises. Essor et Chute is the music of a (fictional) film that […]

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