Marion Cousin & Eloïse Decazes

The term “Dispars” comes from the book ‘Différence et Répétition’ by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. This is how Clara Lévy and Alexis Degrenier decided to name their duo, the fruit of great friendship and exchange.
In this dialogue between two of today’s most exciting musicians, Clara Lévy on violin and Alexis Degrenier’s ensemble of crazy instruments (percussion, mechanics, amplified objects, skins, resonators, stones, wood, rubbing, beating, bodies, hands, controlled alarm clocks, circles and metronomes, boîte-à-bourdonsil), it’s a question of questioning sounds and speech, the erasure of the latter, the appearance of lines and their dissipation, memories, writing, their hypotheses, new furrows to travel.

Then, for a few songs, follow Marion Cousin, collector and transformer of traditional songs, alongside Eloïse Decazes (from the group Arlt). This duo creates and reunites around a sound work that invites you on an experimental and magnetic two-voice adventure: their version of the repertoire specific to the province of Trás-os-Montes, in north-east Portugal, all in Mirandese – the country’s second official language.

tuesday 23 april 202421h00
Le Péri + Grande scène

Marion Cousin & Eloïse Decazes

Marion Cousin’s research focuses on the Iberian Peninsula and its sung traditions. Since 2020, her third project has been written with another singer and instrumentalist, Éloïse Decazes, known for her work with Arlt and guitarist Eric Chenaux, a voice with a timbre and tessitura similar to Marion Cousin’s. The aim is no longer to find […]

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