Chromb !

Epilepsie Sonore: A Chromb toute !

Chromb! is a group that oscillates between rhythmic magic and melodic syncopations on a jazz/rock background. The group composed of Léo Dumont  (drums), Camille Durieux  (keyboard, vocals),Lucas Hercberg (bass, effects, vocals) and Antoine Mermet  (alto sax, synthesizer, machines, vocals) finally returns to the stage at Le Périscope.

friday 28 may 202119h00
Le Périscope

Chromb !

CHROMB! has been making CHROMB! for ten years, five albums and many concerts. And CHROMB! is music. The band is driven by four heads, propelled by an overflowing imagination, electrically powered and impervious to classification. Sometimes its mother is jazz, since CHROMB! looks like her in photos, sometimes it’s rock, since it’s true that it’s […]

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