Chicharron is afro-tropical cumbia, psychedelic rock, frenzied salsa and bewitching Andean melodies! These five French and Chilean musicians take you on the Chicha train, bound for the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes. Come aboard on Friday May 3 for the release party for their debut album Estrella Tropical (due for release on March 29).

During the voyage, we’ll listen to vintage organ and piano-bass, a guitar with a thousand effects, a delirious rhythm section and a powerful voice accompanied by traditional Andean instruments. The group offers its own original compositions, and covers and rearranges standards from Chicha, the psychedelic cumbia born in Peru’s working classes in the late 1960s. This style revolutionized music throughout Latin America, and has been a huge success in Europe since the turn of the century.
Dance, sweat and vertigo guaranteed!

James Stewart will be in charge of the warm-up and after-concert, offering a selection that’s always right on time…

friday 03 may 202421h00
Le Péri
ticket office opening 20h00


The quintet offers a veritable fusion of 60’s Peruvian Chicha, 70’s Progressive Rock, Afro-Peruvian music such as Lando and Festejo, and beautiful Andean melodies. Sometimes mixing Dominican Merengue with Amazonian rhythms, flirting Saya with Salsa, always adding a touch of Rock and Cumbia, the cocktail is explosive, baroque and surprising. Chicharron follows in the footsteps […]

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