The quintet offers a veritable fusion of 60’s Peruvian Chicha, 70’s Progressive Rock, Afro-Peruvian music such as Lando and Festejo, and beautiful Andean melodies. Sometimes mixing Dominican Merengue with Amazonian rhythms, flirting Saya with Salsa, always adding a touch of Rock and Cumbia, the cocktail is explosive, baroque and surprising.

Chicharron follows in the footsteps of the Chicha and Cumbia revival movement initiated in the early 2000s by groups such as Chicha Libre, Chico Trujillo and Juana Fé, inspired by their sonic experimentation with Andean, Afro-descendant and Amazonian folklore.

The sounds are modern, drawing on the powerful timbres of drums, electric guitar and Fender Rhodes bass. On top of this solid base come the vintage textures of analog organs, the dance of Latin percussion and the depth of traditional instruments (cajón, charango, zampoña, kenas, quijada, etc.). To top it all off, the musicians’ playful backing vocals strongly support the passionate, singular voices of the two lead singers, Hiram Muñoz and Antonin Cognet.


Hiram Muñoz Jaraquemada (composition, vocals, charango, quena, zampoña, cuatro)

Farid Joneau (composition, vocals, congas, bongó, timbales, bowls, kalimba, darbouka)

Rodrigo Leviman (composition, vocals, electric guitar)

Antonin Cognet (composition, vocals, keyboards, bass keyboard)

Grégoire Sanchez (composition, drums, cajón, congas, bongó, bells, timbales, güiro, chekeré)

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