Canaris Gros Calibre + Chloé Eclipse

Unstructured vocals, organic sounds for a pop that stands out. Post-apocalyptic ambience. The music comes to life and is all around you, omnipresent. Become one with it for an evening at Le Périscope, enveloped in the worlds of Canari Gros Calibre and Chloé Eclipse.

saturday 27 january 202421h00

Canari Gros Calibre

In the beginning, he’s just a guy tinkering with lo-fi pop-songs in his bedroom, with a little yamaha found in his grandmother’s attic. The result was a self-titled debut album (Linge Records, 2018), both cute and repulsive, like a deformed little puppy you wouldn’t quite know what to do with. After the release of Tobogan […]

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Chloé Eclipse

It’s a wasteland somewhere in the middle of a derelict industrial zone. Chloe Eclipse digs tunnels everywhere, with hesitant drums and heavy post-punk bass. We’re not sure whether the aim is to escape, to enjoy the sunshine we feel is just around the corner, or to bury ourselves deeply until we feel at home, alone […]

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