Canari Gros Calibre

In the beginning, he’s just a guy tinkering with lo-fi pop-songs in his bedroom, with a little yamaha found in his grandmother’s attic. The result was a self-titled debut album (Linge Records, 2018), both cute and repulsive, like a deformed little puppy you wouldn’t quite know what to do with.

After the release of Tobogan Ad Nauseam (Musique Muscle, 2020), Canari Gros Calibre becomes a trio and tries as best they can to accompany pop in its slow agony. Depitch synths, guitars that aren’t always in tune, a voice that isn’t quite sure whether it’s trying to imitate David Byrne or Joe Dassin, the songs always seem ready to fall apart, but they hold together. In any case, they don’t really have a choice.


Kevin (Guitar, Voice, Synthé)

Alban (Bass) 

Lucas Dussuel (Synthé, BaR, FX)