I'm free : concert gratuit

Creating unexplored soundscapes while playing with keyboards and pedals (or losing them?): this is what C_C proposes in his hypnotic live performances with a table overflowing with gadgets and electronic devices.

Meanwhile, his active/touring collaborations include Od Bongo, a noise-bass duo with Somaticae, A_R_C_C with Arnaud Rivière focusing on cutting-edge noise improvisation, and Orchestral Heat, a digital reggae/dub duo with Regis Turner/Avventur.

tuesday 20 february 202419h00
Le Péri
Free Entrance


For more than 10 years, Édouard Ribouillault (C_C) has been known for his unique production blend of distorto-bass and dub breaks as well as delivering hypnotic hour-long live performances with a table overflowing with various electronic doodads and devices. He’s released sound on radical labels such as Cold Moss, ZamZam Records, Fougère Musique, Kraak (amongst […]

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