Ben Bertrand + Daumenkino

Let yourself be transported in Ben Bertrand‘s hypnotic musical journey that revolves around traditional music, American minimalists such as Steve Reich or Terry Riley or current electronic music.

Concert in the framework of Offbeat, project of meetings and promotion of creation and experimentation places for european artists.

wednesday 11 may 202221h00
Grande Scène

Ben Bertrand

Ben Bertrand is a Belgian bass clarinet player and composer, who twists his instrument using loops and effects pedals. The artist then transforms the sounds of the clarinet into electronic sounds, and creates a hypnotic musical journey. Synthesis of very diverse influences, the universe deployed by Ben Bertrand is articulated around traditional and ancestral music, […]

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The music of Daumenkino Trio (formerly Vocuhila Trio) creates shifting zones between acoustic instruments and electronic devices, ritornellos, free jazz and free improvisation.and electronic devices, ritornellos, free jazz and free improvisation.The back and forth between repetitive melodic sequences and free counterpoint provokes both a sensation of persistent images and a sense ofof persistent images and […]

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