BCUC + Pambelé

Récif · Festival Jazz à Lyon

The cream of the world’s sound scene descends on the Marché Gare for an exceptional evening!

An Afro-psychedelic blend of spiritual free jazz and frenzied funk, with a healthy dose of hip-hop and South African gospel, the explosive alchemy of South African collective BCUC (for Buntu Continua Uhuru Consciousness) is unlike any other. Above all, it draws its energy from trance, for a jubilant, expiatory experience that puts everyone in agreement, on stage and in the hall.

Like its predecessors, the collective sees its music as a weapon of political and spiritual liberation, as much as a hedonistic trance akin to that of Nigeria’s Fela Kuti. BCUC’s performances are best seen live, when the seven musicians from Soweto literally lift the audience with the intensity of their telluric soul and imprecatory verve.


Pambelé blends Afro-Colombian influences with the acid, piercing sounds of the sixties psychedelic movement. This cross-fertilization makes the group a strong part of a transatlantic cultural universality that is definitely Caribbean.

In this ensemble of 7 musicians from Colombia, Venezuela, Italy and France, traditional percussion from the north coast of Colombia intertwines and mingles with the joyful cadence of the voices, while the chiselling words of the guitars, accompanied by the voluptuousness of wild organs, draw us into a torrid, exuberant atmosphere.

Pambelé is a bewitching trance, a condensed composite of raw material. A boundless playground where the culture of trance, improvisation and dance is the very essence of its strength.

Doors open at 8pm / Concerts start at 8:30pm
Concert hosted at Marché Gare as part of Récif, Festival Jazz à Lyon.

thursday 28 march 202420h00
Marché Gare


A slap in the face! That’s the BCUC effect live. A mix of African music, soul and punk rock, with an intensity that’s hard to find anymore. The South African collective BCUC (for Buntu Continua Uhuru Consciousness) is flooding the world with good vibes, thanks to africangugu, concentrated percussion, traditional songs in Zulu and Sotho, […]

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