Atol Atol Atol & Mille

Atol Atol Atol, a post-punk band from southern Poland, produces an endless stream of angular, overstimulated, rhythmically organised but freedom-hungry punk in the vein of No Wave and the Minutemen, with a face that looks like absolutely nobody’s.
The evening will begin with a concert by the singer Mille and her surrealism.

saturday 29 april 202321h00
Le Péri
6 / 8€


Il s’agit d’un tour de chant relativement étrange exécuté par Mille. Toute seule et perdue au milieu des possibilités, elle s’évertue à offrir des bribes de proto-cinéma aux insectes environnants pourvus d’oreilles disproportionnées. Poésie, surréalisme, performance, pop weirdo, et bien sûr, un chapeau, seront au rendez-vous. (Mille aka Marie, membre de Brice et sa pute, […]

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Atol Atol Atol

Island post-punk in southern Poland. The tour includes: unlimited cave snorkelling, coffee on Enewetak and Bikini atolls, free time in the central depression. The crew of the cruise includes members of the bands Kurws and UZS. Their debut album, « Koniec sosu tysiąca wysp » (End of the Thousand Island Sauce) will be released on vinyl by […]

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