Alexis Degrenier

I'm free

Alexis Degrenier has always cultivated a rare ability to navigate between centuries and continents, weaving unsuspected links between worlds with no apparent relationship. What fascinates him since childhood? Drone music; traditional music, at first extra-European, to return to the traditional music of the Massif Central, which he has not stopped digging for a few years to find infinite resources.

tuesday 06 december 202219h00
Le Péri

Alexis Degrenier

After studying classical percussion and composition with as many written forms as elements from the oral tradition. His fascination for the work of Gyorgy Ligeti or Helmut Lachenmann or Guillaume De Machaut, leads him to focus on sound spaces, oblique listening and parasitic elements in practice as in writing. From these different researches was born […]

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