Feedback from the Free Improvisation Workshops

The Ateliers d’Improvisation Libre (AIL) have been running since January 2022 and at Le Périscope since May 2022.
Since their inception, 43 workshops have been held with just over 70 improvising musicians and 4 special workshops led by Jean-Marc Foussat, Cesario Fa, Xavier Charles&Mathieu Bec and Julia Robert.
On Monday 5 June, a few of them will be coming along to play for Vous some unheard-of music in the original sense of the word, freely improvised music, in different formations ranging from solo to tentet (10 people playing together).

“If it’s difficult to give a proper name to freely improvised music, it’s even more complicated to describe the activity itself.
Diversity is the most obvious characteristic of this music. It does not adhere to any particular style or language, nor does it conform to any particular sound.
Its identity is determined only by the musical identity of the people who play it”. (Derek Bailey)

Improvisers for the evening:
Line C, voice
Stéphane R, tenor saxophone and synthesiser/looper/microphone
Julia K, violin
Léa P, alto saxophone and electric bass
Adeline R, vocals
Jean T, baritone saxophone
Pauline S, alto saxophone
Marthe L, violin
Rosalie V, alto saxophone
Martin D, modular synthesiser
Jean K, alto saxophone

Come and enjoy our terrace from 6pm!
monday 05 june 202319h00
Le Péri