Cycle Effondré-es | Requiem pour les temps futurs with Pierre-Eric Sutter | Conference

Sunday 04 october 2020
Le Péri
doors openning 15h00
Prix Libre - Sur réservation (2€)

An event proposed within the framework of the festival Cycle Effondré-es in partnership with the Théâtre du Bruit.

The prospect of collapse reactivates individual (fear of death) and collective (fear of the end of time) anxieties of finitude. How can we accept the disappearance of eco-systems, how can we avoid fearing the disappearance of humanity, can we socially ritualise a form of ecological mourning by relying on the structure of funeral rituals such as the requiem?

Pierre-Eric Sutter is a psychologist-psychotherapist and researcher in social sciences. He is director of the OBVECO and co-author of the book N’ayez pas peur du collapse (éditions DDB, 2020). He is a composer and producer of the book “Requiem pour les temps futurs”.