France, Lyon

Nilamayé is an Afro-Colombian music group whose repertoire is inspired by the local and regional music that make up the sound heritage of the Colombian coastal peoples. With the sweet exuberance of its voices, the warm and coated tones of the chonta marimba, the deep sounds of the cununos and bombos, the brilliance of the guasas and maracas and the rhythmic exuberance of the alegre drum, Nilamayé shares with the listeners, the “contagious joy” of the Colombian people.

Jaime Salazar (chant, bombo, gaita macho, maracas)
Alejandra Charry (chant, guasà, gaita hembra)
Margaux Delatour (chant, guasà, llamador)
Jorge Posada (cununos, alegre)
La Wey Segura (chant, marimba de chonta, tambora)