An’ Pagay

Résidence de An’Pagay, au studio Mikrokosm à Villeurbanne. An’pagay c’est la rencontre de Pixvae qui sont du côté du colombian crunch et de Tikaniki qui eux font du Maloya Pixvae c’est : Romain Dugelay Damien Cluzel Margot delatour Leo dumont Tikaniki, c’est : Luc moindranze karioudja Cindy pooch Wendlavim zabsonre Villeurbanne le 14 mai 2021 © Bertrand Gaudillère / item

Explosively Spicy Mix

The idea of An’Pagay was born in the incubator of the classy trans-identity label Bongo Joe, on the occasion of a meeting for the recording of an anniversary compilation. A lucky star to guide this adventurous outfit into new waters, those of the Indian Ocean and the musical traditions of the Mascarene Islands! Between the Colombian Crunch of Pixvae and the Creole energies of Reunion Island and Mauritius, a warm draught quickly passed…

After an invitation made byRomain Dugelay to Luc Moindranzé Karioudja for this occasion, a burning alliance then took place between musicians of two formations at the crossroads of their worlds: Pixvae and Ti’Kaniki. From the former team, the trio Kouma evolves its original instrumentation…

If the metronomic and solar Léo Dumont remains on his drums, Damien Cluzel will exercise his science of placement on thicker but still sensitive strings. Romain Dugelay takes it up a notch to
the alto sax and lays down a trio of electro additives…

The voice of Margaux Delatour is an additional link between the two groups as she offers the questions and answers along with Cindy Pooch with Ti’Kaniki. To enrich the table, free electron Wendlavim Zabsonre (Supergombo…) joins the crossbreeding spiking as a second drummer.
A new family has been created! And we can’t wait to be invited to their reunion(s)…

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THE BUTTSHAKERS + AN’ PAGAY 09.07.2021 Chromb ! 28.05.2021

Romain Dugelay - Alto Sax, Machines

Luc Moindranzé Karioudja - Vocals

Léo Dumont - Drums

Damien Cluzel - Bass

Margaux Delatour - Vocals

Cindy Pooch - Vocals

Wendlavim Zabsonre - Drums

Past related
THE BUTTSHAKERS + AN’ PAGAY 09.07.2021 Chromb ! 28.05.2021