Nick Wheeldon


The man with multiple groups seems perpetually in search of imbalance and surprise. Like a transfixed lover on a first date, Nick Wheeldon never tires and adds new formations with an ease that borders on the supernatural. In addition, the number of advancing trains is disconcerting to say the least. After a very notable first solo album in 2021, ‘Communication Problems’, and a 2nd ‘Gift’ (Album of the Month *, Rock & Folk) in 2022 Nick Wheeldon, the Parisian Englishman from Sheffield, returns with his third LP, ‘Waiting For The Piano To Fall’.. 2024 will be big!

Over the past 11 years, Nick Wheeldon has recorded nearly 20 albums with countless bands – Nick Wheeldon’s Demon Hosts, The Jesus Loves Heroin Band, Os Noctàmbulos, The Necessary Separations, 39th & the Nortons, Nick & Alizon, Sex Sux, Nick Drunken Broken Arms & His False Ninja Dylan Cobb, Dômo Kômô – each of them offering him a new opportunity to refine a sound inspired by Gene Clark and Alex Chilton, at once majestic and fragile, delicate and raw.