Luna Hernández

Luna Hernández is a Colombian singer-songwriter, born in the Colombian capital, Bogota.
Her project, as a soloist singer, is well known for how she portraits her own compositions.
She not only sings but plays along some instruments like tiple, guitar and cello, where she highlights the influence of other music genres in her music, such as Latinamerican music, jazz, Colombian Andean music, Protest music and music of the world in general.
Graduated from musical performance on Sergio Arboleda University.
Worked as a chorist of colombian songwriter Marta Gómez in the 2022.
Winner of the convocatory of Social transformation through music called “SomosCaPAZes” in Arusí-Chocó in 2021, a project organized by the Carnegie Hall focused on the communitary work with teenage mothers, where these women used songwriting for their children.