Henriette Eilertsen Trio


Étoile scandinave

Henriette Eilertsen has a degree in jazz interpretation. After her years at the Norwegian the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, she explored the role of the jazz flute on today’s musical scene. She has now established herself as a leading jazz flautist on the Scandinavian scene, with a versatile approach in which genre specificities, traditions and constellations are merely starting points for new explorations.
In autumn 2021, she released her first solo album “Poems for Flute”, which contains short pieces recorded in different locations and contexts in Norway, creating a varied and narrative mix with a singular approach to the flute. Henriette Eilertsen is also a member of the psychedelic music group Billy Meier, the 60s free jazz group Andreas Røysum Ensemble and the very active composers’ collective OJKOS, of which she was a founder and principal composer.

Henriette Eilertsen now presents her new trio with cellist and double bassist Joel Ring and drummer Øystein Aarnes Vik. Through their music, they create an inviting sound where the richness of the jazz flute is brought to the fore, navigating through references from the history of world jazz and contemporary Scandinavian jazz.


Henriette Eilertsen (Flute)

Joel Ring (Cello)

Øystein Aarnes Vik (Drums)