Carmen Jaci

Carmen Jaci is an experimental music producer of Franco-Brazilian origin currently based in the Netherlands. Using hybrid sounds that fuse acoustic instruments acoustic instruments with synthesizers and vocal recordings, she constructs a sound world where electronic and classical music overlap. Over the years, she has developed a unique, personal language that revolves largely around the ideas of discontinuity and formal deconstruction. Her writing rapidly alternates between contrasting spaces and
elements, drawing inspiration from popular and classical artists such as Foodman, Igor Stravinsky and Grimes. As described by Musicworks magazine: “Although music goes through through countless changes from one ultrashort fragment to the next in a state of almost weightlessness, it doesn’t feel disjointed. On the contrary, there’s a clear line that holds the composition together.” Similarly, his work retains a subtly humorous tone, as well as and a highly polished sound production almost reminiscent of pop music.

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