Bonbon Flamme

Valentin Ceccaldi & friends

In this new tangy and fiery combo, Valentin Ceccaldi invited three musicians known for their unlimitted commitment and energy. He once cherished cadence and harmony within various bands, he now gathered a crew specially tailored for his astral cruises : the flemish Fulco Ottervanger and his extatic pop keyboards; the portuguese Luis Lopes and his roaring blues ; and finally, Etienne Ziemniak, who seems to feed only on pulse and rythm. This meeting is meant to provoke explosive rainbows, and to highlight the musical and body expressiveness of for big-hearted artists, directly on stage. Their adventure playground will certainly start with a kind of jazz that burns at both ends and will smell either like distilled beet or like candied apple melted in the sun. Their music should involve sweet patterns repeated again and again until the sound exults, but everyone will doubtlessly instill here and there little pieces of candy-bomb or candy-nail in order to play with shapes and constrasts. Little things that blast greyness and make embers blossom inside an ice palace. All sweet and spicy.


Fulco OTTERVANGER (Keyboards, piano, voice)

Luis LOPES (Guitar)

Etienne ZIEMNIAK (Drums, voice)

Valentin CECCALDI (Cello)