Tatanka is the exploration of great spaces in the greatest intimacy. Trio from Lyon composed of Emmanuelle Legros (trumpet), Corentin Quemener (drums) and Guillaume Lavergne (piano/keyboard), the group chooses to play on the variations of the melodies. Using the trio formula to vary between minimalism and sound profusion, Tatanka takes us into their stories in the form of sound escapes. It will be a question of new stories, since the group will present its new album !

wednesday 02 march 202221h00
Grande Scène
8/10 €

Tatanka Trio

Tatanka means « buffalo » in the Sioux language. A language that embodies nature and wide open spaces that the trio transcribes marvellously in its jazz flights of fancy. Guillaume Lavergne‘s piano melodies serve as perfect coverings for drummer Corentin Quemener‘s rhythmic bursts and trumpeter Emmanuelle Legros‘ hypnotic wanderings. Crédit photo : Fabienne Chemin

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