Méryll Ampe + Chicaloyoh + Terrine

An evening dedicated to electronic energies at the frontiers of industrial and concrete music. This concert invites three artists who have noise in their skin and music in their flesh and whose singular paths could not but cross. First of all, you’ll find the Parisian Méryll Ampe, sculptor who uses her know-how to carve out sound matter, Chicaloyo from Nantes whose objects resonate in melodies, as well as Claire Gapenne (known for her formations Headwar, Jazzoux, Le Bus) who deconstructs techno with a great deal of indus noise. A great celebration of massive sound.

friday 23 june 202321h00
Le Péri
6/8 €

Méryll Ampe

Méryll Ampe conceives sound as a medium to be sculpted in real time and improvises from analogue sources (oscillos, filters, drum machine). Playing with the interweaving of volumes, perspectives and dynamics, Méryll creates sharp and very raw materials.Méryll Ampe also likes to skirt the limits of sound and dig into its flesh with a permanent […]

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Chicaloyoh is the project of Alice Dourlen. Started in 2011, it has never stopped evolving, according to her desires and encounters. Gradually abandoning the folksy territories of her beginnings, she has turned towards atmospheres inspired by her travels and her dreams, while keeping the dreamlike narration that has always been her trademark. Minimalist in the […]

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Claire Gapenne in solo perfor(m)e since 2012. Radical and spontaneous electronic music, between no-techno and surgical noise. From Amiens, former active member of the industrial rock band Headwar, today in Jazzoux (with Amédée de Murcia), Le Bus (with Romain Simon and Simon Léopold) and in guitar duo with David Bausseron in Yves St Rocher. She […]

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