Match-retour : Big Band de l’Ouest vs Dim Dam Domb’ Big Band

Le Périscope is giving the Big Band de l’Ouest carte blanche to resume the return matches initiated in the 2010s. The principle is simple: one Sunday afternoon, two big bands on stage with two personal visions of the big band repertoire.
On Sunday, February 4, 2024, the BBO welcomes the Dim Dam Domb Big Band for a Dantesque match.
Two 40-minute rounds:

  • Round one:

Le Big Band de l’Ouest

  • Round two:        

Dim Dam Domb’ Big Band

sunday 04 february 202417h00
Grande Scène

Le Big Band de l'Ouest

Times are hard, bodies are soft, and spirits are low! Whether your feet are aching or your back is aching, the Big Band de l’Ouest will take care of you with a brand new repertoire that will do good for all your ailments. If you haven’t already done so, join the movement for a first […]

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Dim Dam Domb' Big Band

Dim Dam Domb’, the big band of the Centre Musical et Culturel de Chalamont, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2023! It’s undisputed that Chalamont is and will remain the highest point in the Dombes region.Seismic tremors are rare and of low intensity in our beautiful Dombes town, except on Friday evenings from 8.30pm. Dim Dam […]

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