Julie Bally + GANACHE

The Marché Gare is moving to the Périscope for an Hors Les Murs date. Ganache will present his licked pop universe under layers of vaporous echoes to then let the stage be torn apart with Julie Bally and her 80’s rock sounds as passionate as sensitive.

thursday 09 september 202121h00
Grande Scène
7-10 €

Julie Bally

Julie Bally reveals a dark, often melancholic universe through simple and raw writing.A writer, composer, performer, the melody, timbre and depth of her voice make one lose allnotion of time, sometimes summoning the well-felt influences of PJ Harvey or Nina Hagen. Julie unveils a crystalline, fragile and powerful voice, refined, raw and acidic arrangements,retro, pop […]

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GANACHE is two voices that merge between dreamy guitars and graceful laments.A real universe between vaporous soul and future pop.What they define as their « deviant pop » is attached to the intimate through a writing based onemotion and introspection. In a raw spleen the ideas rage to finally disappear in the hollow of thismeditative reverberation that […]

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