Julian Sartorius

I'm free : free concert

The rhythms of drummer Julian Sartorius push the limits of his instrument and show its infinite possibilities. He often plays with prepared drums and works with raw acoustic sounds.

Julian Sartorius has released numerous solo albums, creates audiovisual artworks, collaborates with musicians, writers and artists, and performs live in intimate venues and on festival stages. It’s a pleasure to welcome him back to Le Périscope for a performance in the I’m Free format: 7pm & free.

tuesday 16 april 202419h00
Le Péri

Julian Sartorius - solo

Drummer, percussionist and artist Julian Sartorius gives sounds new forms. His precise, multi-layered rhythmic patterns are veritable excursions into the hidden tones of found objects and prepared instruments, bridging the gap between organic timbres and the vocabulary of electronic music.

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